Terms and Conditions

1.) Each ticket entitles only the named person on the ticket entry onto the boat. No other person will be allowed on without a seperate ticket in their name.

2.) Should you find yourself unable to attend after purchasing a ticket, you must inform the organisers of the event (hereafter ‘The Organisers’) no later than Saturday, 29th May 2010 to arrange a refund or transfer of ticket. Due to the legalities of the vessel hire, any claims received after this date will be unable to receive a refund, and only transfer of ticket will be offered.

3.) Should you wish to transfer the ownership of your ticket to another person, you can do so by contacting The Organisers and making arrangements with them. The person to whom you transfer your ticket must also be over 18 years of age and have full ID to show security before being allowed admittance into the event. They will be mailed a new ticket with an identifying code to show that the ticket has been transferred and the ticket originally emailed to you will no longer be valid.

4.) If you conduct yourself in a manner that requires your ejection from the event you will be fully liable to pay any and all additional fees required to do so, including but not limited to docking and pierage charges, damages and staff costs.

5.) If you conduct yourself in a manner that costs The Organisers to not receive security deposit funds back IN FULL, then you will be required to monetarily pay The Organisers the difference that your actions cost. Eg, should your actions cost The Organisers £200 of the security deposit, then you will be obligated to pay back the £200 plus any additional costs as detailed in item 4.).

6.) You are buying a ticket in the full knowledge that this is an over 18’s event, and any attempts to buy tickets for anyone under the age of 18 will result in your exclusion from the event, non-refund of ticket cost and possibly charged with criminal activity.

7.) Security at the event have the right to remove any items they feel to be potentially dangerous or offensive. Any weapons, alcohol not purchased on site or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. You are also likely to have your bags checked before being allowed admittance.

8.) All ticket reference numbers will be cross-checked against our records upon entry. Any attempts to make fraudulent tickets will result in immediate expulsion from the event.

9.) When you buy a ticket you agree to the above Terms and Conditions in full.