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Cosplay Cruise is pleased to announce that professional photographer Nicky Farley will be on board with us in July, offering a selection of stunning photoshoots in which you can display your finest regalia! This will be a one-on-one service running through the evening, with personal attention paid to each cosplayer wishing to take part. Thanks to Nicky’s expertise and specialised lighting equipment, she’ll be able to capture beautiful outdoor photos with London and the Thames, in all its nocturnal glory, providing a truly unique backdrop. Cosplays won’t want to pass up this opportunity!

Nicky will also be offering glossy prints of your portraits, printed on the night for you to take home with you, for the low price of £10. You will also get the full range of your personal photoshoot available online after the event.

Samples of Nicky’s work can be seen in her online portfolio.

In the meantime, why not send us your own photos of your best or favourite cosplays to display in our gallery? Email your pics to us, along with display name, at with the subject header ‘Cosplay Gallery’ and we’ll stick up the best ones!

And don’t forget, tickets for Cosplay Cruise are still on sale here – go buy yours now!


It’s time to open the proverbial floodgates – and hopefully they’ll remain proverbial, given we’ll be on a boat! – as we’re today delighted to begin taking bookings for the Cosplay Cruise!

Full information can be found on the Buy Tickets page here or on the main Cosplay Cruise site. Please remember this is an over-18s only event and be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

So go, get booked, spread the word and most importantly, WELCOME ABOARD!

We’re delighted to announce that the Cosplay Cruise will also play host to an exclusive live performance by London-based J-Pop/Cyberpop/electronica artist Sputniko! (, appearing subject to work and recording commitments), who will be debuting some of her new material with us!

Sputniko!’s music is a unique blend of upbeat melodies and cybernetic musings, reflecting on the likes of love, shyness, human relationships, gender roles, and full of wry social commentary. Oh, it’s also sometimes about armpit monsters and penises…. Sputniko! is one of the hottest talents on the J-Music scene and is not to be missed!

Welcome to the newest and most unique cosplay event for the UK – the Cosplay Cruise!

Born out of a mutual lamentation at the repetitive state of the British anime fan scene, the Cosplay Cruise is the brainchild of a booze-soaked southerner and a well-published midlander, both hoping to create an event never done in the UK before.

The Cosplay Cruise will take place on July 10th 2010 aboard The Dixie Queen, the largest riverboat on the Thames, as it gently meanders down the river against the setting red light of early evening, through to the starlight canopy of midnight. This 500+ capacity boat ensures as many of you as possible can enjoy the evening with us. The beautiful vessel boasts two floors and outer decks, and the evening’s entertainment will be spread over both. Upstairs, we will have Japanese disco featuring the best J-Rock and J-Pop music, while the lower deck will be home to karaoke sessions and enough seating and tables for any of you wanting to bring along a deck of cards! We’re also planning some special events and competitions to run throughout the night, which we’ll be announcing soon.

Of course, the big attraction for many will be the cosplay itself, and with The Dixie Queen’s outdoor walkways running along the side of the boat and large deck on the back, not to mention the beautiful quay we’ll be embarking from, there will be countless opportunities for some very unique photoshoots!

So please feel free to look over this website, check out the boat (and the excellent virtual tour on the Thames Luxury Charters website), read the FAQ for all the information you need, and then, if you like what you see, buy a ticket for the event. We have also crawled out of our self-imposed stone age and got a Twitter and a Facebook group, so add us, follow us and help promote us. This is by a long way the most ambitious thing we have ever tried to do – we hope you’ll join us!

Keith Thomson and Matt Kamen
Co-chairmen and grumpy old otaku